Wednesday, 23 Apr, 2014
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In House Trainees

If you are looking for the opportunity to get into Hospitality Management and prefer the on the job route to the education route then this is the scheme for you.
The scheme is the same in principle as the Graduate Scheme but extra support is given to supplement the theory. 

Quote from Justine Byrom, Management Trainee.

I started the trainee manager programme in August 2001 and spent 18 months training in all departments. By completing this course as I was able to gain a clear understanding of the running of a hotel and the teamwork required to enable it to run effectively. Combined with on the job training and structured training courses I was able to decide which area of the hotel I wanted to work within. I decided to concentrate on the Meeting and Events department and after the 18 months course I was appointed as the Wedding Coordinator. Due to the varied training I received I had gained invaluable experience which allowed me to not only sell the hotel but also plan events to ensure that they worked effectively as I had a clear understanding upon how the each department worked and what was possible.
It has been 6 years since I have finished the course and I am now working as a Sales Manager. I still reflect upon the training I had on the management course and I am able to make decisions, which consider the constraints of the operations departments as well as the demands of the sales department. I started the training course nearly 8 years ago with no clear idea upon what I wanted for my career and was able to finish the course with a clear direction of my future, which I am continuing to build for myself.