Thursday, 24 Apr, 2014
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Training and Development

Training and Development plays a big part in the culture of the Coppid Beech Hotel and this is delivered in a number of different ways;

Departmental Training
All of our departments complete structured training to ensure that all of our staff are delivering the expected service to our Guests. This training is centred around our Standards of Procedure which is our written guide to how we should be doing our jobs for example How a table should be set for a function.

Structured in House Training.
Regular reviews are conducted at the Coppid Beech Hotel and during these reviews managers and employees identify training needs, these are then used to create the In House training calendar. This is completed for a six-month period, example of the courses run includes:
· Company Induction        Duty Management Training 
· Service Excellence         First Aid Course
· Assertiveness Skills      Presentation Skills
· Basic Food Hygiene      Supervisory Development

External Training
We do buy in resources from outside the company when the need arises. We have good contact with an NVQ provider, who specialises in the hospitality industry, these are completed on the job (as well as some homework!) but the assessor comes to us.
Other courses are relevant to the industry and the needs of the team. These include
· National Certificate for Personal License Holders
· Computer Skills – Excel, Word and Power point
· Team Leader Training
· Air Refrigeration Training

In addition the company have been able to sponsor individuals in completing qualifications, which are relevant to their jobs and enhance their experience. Examples include
· Diploma in Personnel Management (CIPD)