What are they? There are many ‘fad’ diets out there that have resulted in many people claiming to have rapidly lost weight. Regardless of which one is chosen, they all promise quick weight loss from what is usually an unhealthy and unbalanced diet. These fad diets can long term result in all sorts of health problems. In this post I will be explaining to you the different fad diets which are out there, the benefits and negatives of each one, Health risks and finally will recommend how to safely efficiently lose weight that will stay off and lead to a much healthier lifestyle.

If you hear or see about a new diet that promises quick weight loss, sounds too good to be true, there is little to no scientific evidence supporting the benefits to this diet and the diet helps sell a company’s product, it will most likely be another ‘Fad’ diet on the market. It’s important to know the difference between fad and fact when considering a new diet for your body. No matter what health benefits the fad diet claims to achieve, they will fall under these 3 main categories.

High protein diets (Atkins)

These diets propose that you eat large quantities of protein (meat, eggs etc) in order to lose weight and build muscle. This diet can be very dangerous, if you exceed the amount of protein your body needs daily, this will put a strain on your liver and kidneys. Not to mention the extortionate amounts of fat you’re putting into your body from the meat. There have been many journals and articles that state Richard Atkins himself suffered from many heart attacks throughout his life due to high amounts of fat surrounding his heart!

Liquid diets (Juice plus)

Diets such as juice plus have their benefits. They include lots of fruit and vegetables which are believed to protect against many diseases. However, The effects of this liquid only diet will only be temporary. The weight that would have been lost will go back on even quicker once solid food is being consumed again. (and you’ll often put on more then you weighed before!)

Low carbohydrate diets

 In time, you will gain weight from this type of diet. By starving your body of it’s main preferred energy source (glucose) you’re forcing it into an unnatural state of ketosis. Your brain does this so your body can continue to function but it’s not healthy when prolonged. Carbohydrate consumption is extremely important when exercising! Carbohydrates along with fats have a key role in glycolysis (chemical reactions that occur in the body to create energy). People that cut down on carbohydrates will often go on to crave them which often leads to eating snacky sugary things, which results in weight gain. Not to mention the body isn’t used to the regular carbohydrate intake so will hold onto whatever you consume. Just don’t do it! Carbohydrates are ESSENTIAL as part of a balanced diet

 How to actually loose weight quickly, safely, efficiently and helping the weight loss last.

In a nutshell, Weight loss occurs by burning more calories than you’re consuming. It’s not rocket science. However, diet is KEY and the main part to consider in your weight loss journey. It’s ROUGHLY about 70 % diet and 30 % exercise. A good place to start would be to research or buy a good cookbook so you can get a rough understanding on what is healthy to eat as well as recommended meal times and how much you should actually be eating that matches your activity levels etc. And remember a balanced diet with lots of water is key!

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