Guaranteed Sleep Policy

Have a pleasant and peaceful night’s sleep

Guaranteed Sleep Policy

At the Coppid Beech Hotel, we go to extensive lengths to ensure that our guests have a pleasant and peaceful night’s sleep. At weekends we offer a fun environment for our guests to enjoy themselves.  There are various entertainment options available, including the Keller Live Music venue open until midnight and Après Nightclub open till 2:30am on Friday and Saturdays, which makes it even more important that the rooms and corridors in the hotel are policed to ensure there are no loud noise disturbances.

All our bedrooms are designed with comfort and convenience in mind and it is important to us that your stay is as relaxing as possible. We always strive to provide you with a quiet sleeping environment and believe you and your neighbours deserve a night free from disturbances.

We ask all our guests to adhere to our quiet night sleep policy.

How our Sleep Policy works

  • Our Guest Relations Team check the floors throughout the night to ensure they remain peaceful and disturbance free
  • We have 24 hour security
  • Any reported disturbances throughout the night are responded to within 15 minutes
  • Should any problems arise as a direct outcome of guest disturbances, the matter will be dealt with swiftly and efficiently
  • We will always handle the reporting of a noise complaint in a very diplomatic and anonymous manner. Once we have dealt with the issue we will inform you of our actions.
  • We will issue a warning to an offending guest if there is a noise complaint. If there is a second complaint, everyone except the registered guest will be required to leave the guest room or suite. If there is a third complaint, the registered guest will be evicted from the hotel with no refund.

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